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released January 29, 2011

Vocals: Anthony Taylor
Guitar: Black Romney
Guitar: Pete Falcone
Bass: Jazz Wilton
Drums: Chris Dini
Mixed and Mastered by: Geoffrey C Walker
Vocals recorded by: Geoffrey C Walker
Instruments recorded by: WOLVES and Michael "Whip" Wilton
All songs written and preformed by: WOLVES



all rights reserved


WOLVES Bellevue, Washington

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Track Name: Hope You Know
Everyone in our city all dispersed. The day you left us I had never felt such hurt. You were the last one that I thought I’d have to miss, I hate the consequences and circumstances that lead to this. In your death brought me life. Never again will I think twice. In your death brought me life. Never again will I think twice. I never thought that it would end like this, come back come back, you are so missed.
Track Name: The Pack
We are strong, we’re loyal, we protect, we are WOLVES. This is a family no one is alone. Respect our territory that is our home. Welcome to a pack, of loyal friends who watch your back, Welcome to a pack. I found my heart in the place. The passion I searched for was in your face. Open your eyes this isn’t just music it’s a way of life. We are WOLVES
Track Name: Left Standing
I'm calling you out. Come clean. Come clean come clean stop lying to yourself. Come clean come clean, you're just like everyone else. It's survival of the real, we survive because we can feel, it's survival of the real. Man Up, Prove your worth to me. Man Up, Prove worth to me. I can't even decide if you're worth it anyway, you have deceived our eyes now it's time you faded away. It's survival of the real, we survive because we can feel, it's survival of the real. Man Up, Prove your worth to me. Man Up, Prove your worth to me. Lets see who’s left standing, lets see who’s left standing...
Track Name: A Reason
Stay true to yourself and nobody else, stay true yourself and nobody else. I've found a reason to push for. And I've found a reason to strive for. What means the most to you is all you've got. It's such a short life, don't let it slip away. I've found a reason to strive for. And I've found a reason to care for. This is my life, this is my choice, I make the rights and wrongs, you will hear my voice. They'll try to change you into something that you're not. They keep on pushing me, tell them to back it up. This is my life, this is my choice, you'll feel my pain, you'll hear my voice.
Track Name: Real Talk (Feat Tanner of To The Wind)
Second chances are all I needed to be everything I wanted to be. I choose to walk this road alone in hopes of finding myself whole. Feel free to be a zombie and waste your time. Molding your life to someone else’s lies. Real Talk. Don’t cloud your sites seeing through their eyes. Live your own life the way that you feel it to be. Let them suffocate themselves with a pointless life dictated by wealth and greed is all they need to succeed. But that’s not it for me. Every day you slowly decay. Wasting minutes and hours on something that you hate. You’re digging your own grave.
Track Name: Point Break
Your ignorance, made me lose respect for you, it's sad to say but where's your judgment on me now. Here your words won’t hold their ground. Run your mouth around and round. Where's your judgment on me now? I'm not here for your approval, I'm here for me and only me. Behind me back you whisper, this marks you as a coward. Wake up coward. Your life is weak. You're a joke to me. Wake up coward
Track Name: All In Time
Time You know we see right through you, and every single action that you do. There it goes again another “genuine” act of a terrible nature. You’ve lived, learned, and burned and every back you’ve turned has felt the pain of slander. All your words have lost who you used to be. Stand with those who are too blind to see. Fake. You are fake to me, soon they all will see. You’ll get what you deserve and one day I hope you will turn, back to the roots that started but respect you’ll have to earn. All in time…
Track Name: As I Am
No need to waste, your time on me, it's pointless, and you're useless. Did you think that I'd give you the time of day? This life this sound I'd bleed for it every day. Take me as I am. I refuse to be crushed by the weight of your judgment. I refused to be looked down on. I've lived my life in the way that I've seen right, we've made mistakes and we've all done wrong. Take me as I am, I'm only human.
Track Name: Better Axe Somebody (Feat Tanner of To The Wind)
Save your breath and stop spitting excuses. You’re digging yourself deeper and either way you’re just hopeless. You spent your life praying on those weaker then you, and now that you’ve been caught there’s nothing you can do. We’ll show you true malice, what’s done is done. No need for forgiveness, your time will come. Our paths will cross eventually, holding nothing back showing no mercy. I’ll drag your body through the hate and pain that you create. Crossing the ones I love most that was your biggest mistake. You are gutless, scum of the earth, worthless garbage, you’ll get what you deserve. You are gutless, worthless garbage. For your sake I hope you sleep with your eyes open.
Track Name: Outsider
There’s no need for a helping hand, I’ll do this on my own no need to understand. What your dealing with and what you go through. The only person that can change it is you. I’ll fix…this all…but every time…I fall. I’ve tried so hard to keep my eyes straight and chin up. But some days its just too hard and life is too rough. I’m hardest on myself and all the scars always seem to last. I’ll try to bury it in my past. I…Fight…Myself. I know they’ll fade and my days will get brighter. I’m not alone but in my head I’m an outsider. My own words always bring me down and down, I need to break this hold and get up from the ground. I…Fight…Myself.